Thursday, October 11, 2012

Helen and Luvy's Excellent Adventure - Cayo de Tierra, Esperanza, Vieques, Puerto Rico

I got out of the house today in time to explore with Kathy's dog, Luvy!
Cayo de Tierra is near Esperanza on Vieques island, an islet connected to the mainland by a small spit of sand. Luvy and I went there today and explored as a way to get to know the neighborhood better. We followed a trail to the top of the Cayo and found a great place to look at the cliffs on the neighboring island.  There was a barbeque pit and some other signs that people come here.  We got lost in the forest on the way back to the sand spit - between the two of us we managed to find 
our way back to the path - right before it got dark!  Then we went for a swim in the Caribbean. What a fun afternoon!