Nicaragua Delegation to investigate indigenous situation in North Atlantic Autonomous Region March 2014 Alliance for Global Justice / Nicaragua Network

People and organizations we visited with were (links go to detailed reports about each visit):
The Moskito Council of Elders and Wihta Tara (another government body of the Moskito) in Bilwi
AMICA, an advocacy group for women and children
Lotti Cunningham, Chair of the Nonprofit Center for Justice and Human Rights on the Atlantic Coast
Meldin Miralda, SERENA (RAAN Ministry of Environment)
Rebecca Ismael Poveda, Vice President, Tuahka Territorial Government
Tuahka Territorial Government in Rosita (Tuahka Mayangna, Miskito, and Panamahka people)
Mayangna Matumbak Territorial Government
Mayangna Sauni As Territorial Government
Margarita Antonio, a Moskito and indigenous rights activist and historian from Bilwi
Young Environmentalists organization in Managua
Maritza Centeno from the Yakisa Sur indigenous community of Matagalpa

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