Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Code Pink Bares it all for Bradley Manning in San Francisco Mar 22, 2011

More than a dozen activists stood at the door of Senator Diane Feinstein's office in downtown San Francisco today to demand that Bradley Manning, accused Wikileaker, be treated humanely and released from the brig at Quantico, VA.  We were there for more than an hour and two TV stations covered the event. (I'm 4th from the left.)

Bradley has for the past two weeks been forced to stand naked at attention morning and night as part of the campaign to punish him before he is tried of a crime.  Ms. Feinstein refuses to get involved with the case.

The 23 hours per day solitary confinement for 10 months amounts to torture, which Obama claimed that the U.S. does not do.  We need to step up the pressure on all parts of the government to get better treatment for him - take him off of the "Prevention of Injury" watch and off of the maximum security designation.

Dennis Kucinich and Ron Paul have repeatedly requested entry to the brig to see for themselves the conditions under which Bradley is being held, but so far, the military has denied them entrance.  This is OUTRAGEOUS!

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  1. In Portland at noon on Monday in front of Pioneer Courthouse a mock jail cell in solidarity w/ Bradley Manning was placed in the street for 35 min http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Mt5a3uvD80U (HOLA from Mike) :)

  2. Oh by the way I - Good action in SF !! wow !!

    THANKS for all your doing and for sharing this information!!