Friday, June 10, 2011

Recovering from trip to Cuba and Activist San Diego

I'll post more about my trip to Cuba but want to start blogging more frequently.  We've been in San Diego since May 25 and really enjoying the city, our friends, the Tijuana River Estuary, the Pacific Ocean, and the night life.  The weather here is excellent!!  The clouds don't deter me from enjoying the great outdoors and we've had a real rain only once in over two weeks.

We went to a board meeting of Activist San Diego.  I met some friends of Gerry's and other activists.  We heard from a man who has done extensive research into voting processes - he advocates for publishing a voter's identification number and how the person with that ID # voted on the web (or some other place) so that every voter can verify that their vote was properly counted.  Secret non-verifiable voting, he contends, has led to corruption and voter fraud since the mid-1800s when it was introduced.  Secret voting is one of the things we have always heard the benefits of but never had discussions about the down sides.

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