Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Letterkenny, Ireland

The Occupy Movement is alive and well in Ireland.  We've visited Dublin, Letterkenny, and Galway sites so far.

Occupy Letterkenny is a Saturday event.  Click here for pictures.

We were hosted by Caroline Kuyper, who is a wonderful woman.  She rescued a 180-year-old house in the countryside and took us for a poetry reading and lovely walk to the lake and sea.

Caroline lives several miles outside of Letterkenney, which is just across the border from Derry in Northern Ireland.  She arranged for us to meet some others involved in the Derry Anti-War Coalition and we started our visit at Sandino's bar which is a very revolutionary place!  They told us about the two Raytheon 9 groups.

Raytheon had a software branch in Derry that was programming drone software.  The first Raytheon 9 group went into the building and threw computers out of the windows and generally caused havoc inside until they were arrested.  They were damaging property for the greater good of preventing people from being killed, so they were acquitted.  The second group was all women and after they did a similar action, Raytheon decided they didn't need to have people based in Ireland and completely pulled out!  What a victory!

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