Friday, February 17, 2012

War Tour of Mostar by Miran

We got into Mostar mid-evening and walked out of the bus station, looking around for the hostel we'd heard about.  A man told us to go down the street and talk with his friend, so we did.  The friend knew exactly where we wanted to go, led us there, and walked back out after Miran answered the doorbell.  Miran had room for us and took us in, gave us some warm tea, and we told him we had heard about his hostel and the war tour online.  We arranged to go on the tour with two youth from Japan that were also staying at Hostel Miran.

Twenty of Miran's relatives were killed during the Balkan war, 1991 - 1995.  The tour was personal and amazing.  He pointed out where his grandfather was killed, very close to his home, and how even the United Nations was there to help, they would not put a vehicle between his grandfather's body and the sniper, so they couldn't get his body out safely.  He showed us where the sniper had fired from.   Miran was only 15 when the war started.

Mostar has only been partially rebuilt.  There are collapsed buildings and buildings with holes everywhere.  Sometimes people live in buildings that have not been rebuilt or are not finished because they have nowhere else to live.  This was so sad!

Miran also wants people to know how beautiful Mostar is.  He does a waterfall tour - the waterfall is called the Bosnian Niagra by the locals - I'd like to see it someday.

Croatia and Bosnia and Herzegovena have had record snowfall this year, so it's beautiful everywhere and the kids love it - a pain for the adults at times, though.
Iohain, Sebasa, Miran and Gerry

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