Thursday, April 12, 2012

Leah Bolger hearing for Supercommittee CD

Approximately 30 supporters attended the press conference and sentencing hearing for a courageous member and current President of Veterans For Peace, Leah Bolger.  She told the truth about military spending to the Super Committee, the primary message being "Tax the Rich, Stop the Wars".

The judge was very sympathetic to Leah's position and allowed her to show the 52 second video of her action and heard her personal testimony as well as that of two other supporters.  Although the prosecution requested a stay-away from the capitol area order, the judge said he thinks that it's important for everyone, unless they have committed a very egregious offense, to be able to protest in legal ways.  She received a 60-day suspended sentence, 9 months of parole, a $50 fine for the Victims of Crime Fund, and 20 hours of community service.  Working on behalf of Veterans For Peace counts toward her community service hours, so obviously she'll have that done by the end of this weekend.
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