Sunday, June 10, 2012

Seattle after Chicago

We had a very good visit with family and friends in Seattle, from May 22 through June 6.  Zoe, Gerry's daughter, played guitar and sang her own songs at the Beat Walk in Columbia City and we saw her and her mom, Chris, there as well as for dim sum (yum!).

Helen was able to say goodbye to Bisco before she died and had a few short visits with her son Jordan.

We went to Wenatchee to visit Peggy and Jerry and spent a night at Soda Lake near Moses Lake camping and kayaking.  While in Wenatchee we participated in their weekly anti-war vigil.

Most of our stays were with Lissa and Bill and Al Penta's, but we also had a good visit and overnight with Sharon and Felix and Linda and Richard Newton.

Lots of friends were at Joe Colgan's weekly peace vigil, so we were able to have a great visit with them.

Emily Horswill isn't doing well.  She had back spasms so the assisted living place, Merrill Gardens, kicked her out and transferred her against her will to Foss Home.  The fees went from $3000 / month to $7000 and she isn't getting the physical therapy, help with walking, edible vegetarian food, night medication, her phone book, her computer, etc. that she needs.  Both Emily and I phoned the King County Long Term Care ombudsman and a case has been opened.  We did get to take her to visit her daughter, who has a brain tumor and other problems and can no longer drive.  I'm trying to see what can be done to get her out of Foss and into a completely different kind of situation - perhaps an apartment with a live-in caregiver.  There's a lot of research still to do.

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