Saturday, August 4, 2012

Backbone LocalizeThis! Activist Training Camp

A group of around 60 of us, including trainers, had an amazing week learning how to be creative activists!  There were seminars, climbing and kayak training, action planning, and an amazing group of new friends.  Our week's theme was Stand Against Foreclosure and Eviction in support of the new SAFE organization at Bethany church on Beacon Hill.  We visited SAFE, canvassed the neighborhood, and heard from a person whose mother was foreclosed on and evicted.  Now she and her sister are going through the same thing, but they are ready to fight back!  Finally, on Friday, we went to Lake Washington and did a complex action against eviction from the land and water - we were the BeFair Pirates and took down a banker who was holding a house underwater!  It was an amazing experience!

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