Sunday, January 29, 2012

25 years of protesting the U.S. base in Longare near Vicenza, Italy

We went with Gino Vallesella to the entrance of the U.S. base in Longare, Italy where a weekly vigil has been ongoing since December 1986 as a result of the Pershing and Cruise missile programs.  This base was home to nuclear warheads and the missiles were stored in another location.  In 1992 the warheads were removed and the base was closed, and the community was considering what to do with the space.  However, in 1994 the U.S. moved back in to the facility..  The 173rd Airborne Infantry is housed here and in Germany.  They have conducted military maneuvers in the mountains near here.  Many of the troops that go to Iraq and Afghanistan have passed through this base.

At the vigil location we met Bruno Matteo Bonato and Ambrosi Francesco, who are regulars at the protest.  Unfortunately, the rest of the seven people who showed up for the vigil were already gone when we arrived.  One of the founding members, Francesco Scalzotto, died two years ago and there is a plaque here honoring his memory.

One of the things that is not yet being investigated is the high incidence of cancer in and around this base.  Perhaps some of the radiation from the warheads still remains, or maybe there is some other cause.  Being a small group, they don't have the political strength to insist on an investigation.

The group is called "Group presence at Longare" and they are associated  with International Fellowship of and maintain communications with one of the 9/11 Truth groups in the U.S.  More pictures ...

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