Saturday, January 7, 2012

Anti Radar demonstration in Capo San Marco, Sardegna

The people of Sardegna successfully thwarted an attempt to build a new radar facility on the island, and now the military has a new site in mind, on Capo San Marco.  The people are again demonstrating against the radar, which has not proven to be safe and may be used in ways that they do not agree with.  We participated in the march.  It was attended by more than 100 people and was a relaxed, happy, friendly event.  People were VERY happy to have the international solidarity and participation by Veterans For Peace and invited Gerry to speak to the crowd, which he did.  His speech was last and very much appreciated by the audience.

The day ended with much food, beer, camaraderie, and many new friends!  More pictures...

No Radar protest in beautiful Capo San Marco, Sardinia. Helen and I were so happy to be there, representing Veterans For Peace.

Check out this beautiful video, with a righteous rap in Italian.

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