Thursday, November 10, 2011

Causing trouble in Ireland: VFP joins other protesters at Shannon airport

Limerick Ireland newspaper: US war veterans to protest in Shannon

Shannon airport is used to transport an average 600 U.S. troops per day to/from Afghanistan and Iraq as well as extraordinary rendition flights for purposes of torturing captives.  It is a CIVILIAN airport and these flights compromise Ireland's neutrality - the Republic of Ireland has not taken sides in a war since becoming an independent country in 1949.  Not only that, but the US military only pays $250 per flight, a fraction of the cost of using the airport.  The airport is about $8 million in the red.

An amazing amount of information is available at Shannon Watch, which, along with other anti-war groups, organizes a monthly vigil at Shannon Airport.

The action went well!  There were 20 of us and three media people - from Limerick Leader, Irish Times and an independent journalist.  We walked up to the Garda (Police) guarding the road into the airport and asked under what law they were preventing us from entering.  They were under an oath of silence, so they apparently don't know why they stand at a barricade monthly to prevent the ShannonWatch people fron marching down the road to the terminal. 

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