Thursday, November 17, 2011

Cork, Ireland - Occupy Cork, Solidarity Books

Cork has a lot going on and we had opportunities to learn a lot as well as speak.  Our hosts were James and Virginia, and there is a 3rd housemate who is out of town.  James works at Solidarity Books and is part of the socialist anarchy organization - Gerry and I gave a talk at the bookstore - I was able to present the Bradley Manning topic, so we are sharing the podium now.  Gerry also spoke at Occupy Cork.

Pictures from Occupy Cork

We didn't get to spend much time with Virginia, but she is involved with the Kinsale Transition Town, as a teacher of permaculture.

We finally got to met Veronica Kelly!  We met at a cafe to get acquainted, then the next day we met for dancing to a blues band - it was wonderful!  Her husband Serge joined us for a short while as well.

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