Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Sligo, Ireland - Gerry and Helen visit Stella

Sligo is a charming town with wonderful people, especially Stella Carroll and her family!  Stella lives a few miles out of town.

Stella had just started fostering a 5 week old kitten when we arrived and was bottle feeding it about every two hours.  She has two permanent residents, Luna the cat and Murphy the rockhound dog.  We also got to meet two of her kids and her 6 year old grandson, Fionn, who is quite a crack-up comedian!
We had a long walk with Stella and  Murphy, going through an old Abbey and graveyard.

Murphy's favorite game is chasing rocks - yes, he has a lot of damage to his teeth and has had to have them removed from his stomach.  Unfortunately, a Rottweiler followed us for a long way and wouldn't go back home and after about 1/2 mile or so Murphy decided to attack her.  He ended up with a sore leg in the process.

We dressed up for Halloween and went to a bar where Stella's daughter and her band played 50's bee-bop music.  We danced the whole time, then went and heard some Reggae music at another venue, getting home well after 2 am.

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