Monday, November 21, 2011

Our final days in Dublin

On the way from Cork to Dublin, we saw the most amazing rainbow!

Roger Cole and Nuala Dempsey hosted us for a night and formal dinner with Fergus and Teres MacAigan.  All are  with the Peace and Neutrality Alliance.  We had a lovely time and got to know a lot about the organization.

We spent our last two nights with Bill and Dot Fine, American expats who head up the Servas organization in Ireland.  They invited Glenda, her friend Arthur, an aspiring Irish actor and our mutual friend Cristina, for dinner with us.  Cristina is Italian and also a member of Servas.  We joined Servas - it is a way for guests to stay for two nights with a host and get to know each other as a way to promote friendship between people of different countries in order to reduce conflict and avoid war.  As such, the guests and hosts have progressive values and very meaningful stays together.  We became members of Servas while staying with Bill and Dot.

We went to the Egyptian Embassy to participate, as Veterans For Peace members, to protest against the police killings of Egypian protesters in Tahrir Square.  Glenda was there, too.  Gerry was interviewed by an independent journalist.

We toured Kilmainham Jail, which was a good way to continue our Irish history lessons. Many heroes of uprisings for Irish independence were imprisoned here, and some were executed.  Other prisoners included women and children who may have stolen a loaf of bread to feed their family.

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